Rannersdorfer BIO is part of Austria’s largest mill group, the market leader in the fields of branded household flours, the production of flours for the baking and sweets industries as well as in manufacturing durum wheat semolina for the pasta sector.

The 100% organic mill is located in Rannersdorf (in the south of Vienna, where Austria’s high-quality wheat grows). Our mill group also operates outlets in Schwechat (near Vienna) and Raaba (in Southern Austria, near Graz).

For more than 25 years we have been intensively processing biologic wheat. This experience, which has grown for years and the fact that our biologic mill works exclusively biologic wheat, has positioned us to one of the leading producers of organic wheat in Austria.

The know-how of our Austrian bio-farmers which cooperate with us on contractual basis and the very convenient Pannonic climate of the zone guarantee the best wheat and flour qualities.

The origin of our organic wheat can be easily and clearly traced back even to the bio-farmer thanks to an electronic traceability system.

All incoming wheat lots are analysed in view of retained pesticides and chlormequat. Due to this process we are able to guarantee the highest level of bio-safety.

Our 100% biologic mill is a cooperation partner of  “Bio-Austria”.